Utah Basketball: Texas State A Surprisingly Important Game


Well you wouldn’t have thought it when the schedule came out but the Utes have a big game in San Marcos, TX tonight.

Now when the schedule came out I think we all assumed Larry booked this one to get a road win so people would stop saying he’d never won on the road.  And that is probably true.  But it’s become much more interesting since Utah got handled by SMU.

Utah’s next five games are, at Texas St., home against Boise St., at BYU, home vs SMU and home against Cal State Northridge.  If we lose tonight, is there any reason to think we’ll win any of the next five games.  I mean SMU handled us, Boise blew out Creighton at Creighton, we aren’t winning in Provo and at that point would there be any reason to expect we’re better than Northridge.

That possibility would move us to 5-7 as we enter Pac-12 play (assuming the win over the College of Idaho).  Now 7-5 or 8-4 with this schedule is a disappointment, 5-7 is a disaster.  5-7 makes the real possibility that Utah doesn’t win 10 games.

And if we can’t win 10 games in this year with this schedule…

What else is there to say?

Oddly this very game may determine Larry Krystkowiak’s career at Utah.