Utah Football Post-Mortem: The Brian Johnson Hate Is Strong With Us…


I always wonder what’s going on when I end up on a different page than most of the Ute fan base.  And nothing puzzles me more than the hate that Brian Johnson is receiving.

Because a bunch of you really think he sucks.

The question I have, what plays should he have called exactly?

Because this was our offense this year.  First we had three different QB’s with three different skill sets.  Jordan Wynn threw well but couldn’t move and needed to be protected.  Jon Hays couldn’t throw, could move a little but essentially was just bad.  And then we have Travis Wilson who could move, has an arm but is 18 and struggled with college defenses.

Then you take your superstar back and render him ineffective for a few games because of a bad ankle.

Not that all of that matters a ton because of injuries and other issues your O-line is thin and starts the season just not very good.  They would improve to, inconsistent.

Finally, while we have talent at receiver, they seem to have a real penchant for dropping balls, especially on the road.

And the whole group seems to know when to get a penalty at the most maddening time.

Now when you’re facing all of that, the question I ask, what plays do you call?  How do you develop and identity when lack consistency in almost every area on the offensive side of the ball.  Frankly, considering all of that, I didn’t think things were terrible.  Honestly, I was kind of pleased.

Tomorrow I’ll start talking about where things are improving and why I think they’ll be a whole lot better.