The Bestest Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Entire University


A Power Poll A Power Poll My Kingdom For A Power Poll

1.  Stanford (Last Week- 1) Well back 13 weeks ago, I never saw this coming, and I don’t think many others did either.  But they play great defense and run the ball well.  Thank God those kids going to Stanford have finally gotten a break.

2.  Oregon (Last Week- 3) If UCLA wins next week, what is there to do because the Bruins surely didn’t look like they’re better than the Ducks.

3. UCLA (Last Week- 2) Stanford really took care of UCLA.  Maybe TJ Simers was right and UCLA was just picking their opposition.

4. Oregon St. (Last Week- 3) Seriously, Mike Riley is coach of the year.  Great season for the Beavers.

5. USC (Last Week- 5)  There are a group of teams in here who all seem like they could beat each other on a given day and depending upon where the game was.  But I’ve resolved to rank them, USC gets the nod here.

6.  Arizona St. (Last Week-8) I thought they were slumping away.  Arizona was about to take this spot and maybe number 5, then Ka’Deem Carey gets hurt and Matt Scott fumbles.

7. Arizona (Last Week- 5) This has to be looked upon as a positive year for Arizona.  A couple of plays and they beat Stanford and Oregon St.  A bit more defense and they might have won the South.  Next year will be interesting for Arizona.

8. Washington (Last Week- 5)  So they beat Stanford and OSU and lose to Wazzu.  I don’t know what the kids in Washington are thinking, but it might behoove Mr. Sarkesian to find some consistency next year.

9.  Utah (Last Week- 9) I don’t think there is any doubt this is where Utah belongs.  Clearly better than 10-11-12 but just not enough to get a win above.  Next year Utah has to show something or our wildly impatient fanbase will start to freak out.

10.  Cal (Last Week- 10) It was probably time for Tedford to go, sometimes things just reach a plateau at certain schools.  But one has to ask, what does Cal think they can be?

11. Washington St. (Last Week- 11) Have to reward the Cougars for their victory over Washington.  However if Leach bolts for NC State, it will be devastating.

12.  Colorado (Last Week- 12) Seriously CU can officially lick it.  They gave the window licker Dan Hawkins 5 years and he runs the program into the ground to the point where they have 8 seniors this year.  Then they give Jon Embree 2 years to fix it.  Shitting on one of your own and an African-American coach at that.  I just found my reason to make CU a rival.