Pac-12 Football: Colorado Should Be Ashamed of Itself


As I get older, alot of the things that used to really get me going in sports, I’m able to let roll off of my back.  Like the Utes recent struggles, while A LOT of fans demand changes and answers and so on, I honestly think the best course is accepting where we are and having some patience that the future will be much better.

But some things really bother me.  And one that has really gotten to me is the University of Colorado’s firing of Jon Embree after two seasons.

First, I can’t even conceive of how you only give a coach two seasons unless there is some kind of major scandal.  And nothing like that happened at Colorado.

Second, Embree took over for Dan Hawkins who was clearly a complete disaster.  He was 19-39 and overall and 10-27 in the Big XII.

Third, Embree is African-American, a Colorado grad from Colorado and CU was his dream job.  In fact so much a dream that he didn’t take nearly as much money as he could so he could pay his assistants more.

So Colorado is run into the ground by Dan Hawkins, who lets point out is white.  He never won more than six games, which was terrible compared to the previous 15 years of Colorado football.  Yet he got five years including getting to come back from a 3 win season where he went O-FER in the Big XII.  And Jon Embree gets two years?

And that doesn’t even start to get at the quick trigger that seems to come for too many African-American coaches.

This one is an embarrassment all around.  I’m ashamed for Colorado.  I’m ashamed I ever considered myself even a minor fan of that school.

And I hope no self-respecting coach takes that job.