Utah Football: More Thoughts From Our Win Over Colorado


One of my favorite quotes is, “The enemy gets a vote.”

I like to keep that in my mind when a team I cheer for is supposed to blow somebody out but it doesn’t quite go according to plan.

"The Enemy Gets A Vote"

And I thought Colorado played very hard yesterday, trying like hell to go out with a win.

This game also made me want to say something to our fans, I owe some of you at least a minor apology.  I mean some of you aren’t bright, suggesting that Whit should be anywhere near a hot seat.  You’re the folks who are a big part of running Ute hoops into the ground.  But then I met Colorado fan.

For them, somehow Jon Embree should be winning the Pac-12 despite the fact that he played with eight seniors yesterday.  And he only has the 37th ranked recruiting class.  RUN HIM OUT OF TOWN.

These folks think they’re hiring Pete Carroll.

But back to the Ute game.    Yesterday wasn’t pretty.  The Utes saw a lot of the same miscues that have plagued them all season.

But here is the thing I’m proud of.  The Utes went down eight entering the fourth quarter.  And considering all this team has been through this year and that knowing that winning this game won’t mean a ton, the Utes could have quit.  But the Utes didn’t quit.  Utah buckled down and scored 22 points in the fourth.  Although why the CU kicker brainfarted and kicked to Reggie Dunn I have no idea.

Anyway, that was a big deal.  The Utes had enough pride to stand up and fight right there.  We’ll start the post-mortem on the season next week, but lets celebrate ending this thing on a win.