Utah Basketball: Utes Beat Another Bad Team…


I like Joe Cravens.  Many of you might not remember but Cravens coached the Utes for one season, Rick Majerus’ first season, while Rick recovered from heart surgery.  Anyway, he said something funny during the game last night, nothing is quite as bad as a bad run and gun team.  And he was talking about Central Michigan.  Now maybe the Chippewas aren’t that bad, but they aren’t good.

However, on the side of good news for the Utes, surely they aren’t worse than Idaho St., a team Utah trailed at half and really tried to give every chance in the world to get back into the game.  Jared Dubois went off in this one with 20.  Glen Dean added 13 and Loveridge with 8 points and 9 boards.  Not sure how he missed that double double.

So I think a couple of things are beginning to emerge here.  Dubois is one of those guys who will give you a 20 point game, then a string of 5 point games leaving you wondering what the deal is.  Glen Dean is an all-American if he only has to play really bad teams.  And we really need Loveridge staying on the court and contributing.

Utah finishes their, “Please Come Watch Us, Even For Free” Tournament tonight against Wright St. who lost to Central Michigan and beat Idaho St.