Mandi The Sorority Girl Picks the Pac-12


Mandi was 2-4 (ugh) last week and moves to 33-40 on the season.

As always Mandi will use the Consensus Line from Vegas Insider at the time of writing.

Editors Note:  As a rule the picture should be from the school of the team Mandi chose.  But do to the unwillingness of some schools to have enough hot girls, we are going to use random girls, generally from the SEC where girls know how to dress.

Ok Boys, lesson learned.  It’s never a good idea to do picks when you’re hungover.  I mean I hate those whores at Arizona St., but picking those sad lonely fat girls who are boobs deep in cake at this point in the season, well I know I just wasn’t thinking and Mandi is sorry.  I’ve been a bad girl and maybe I need a spanking.

But this is the last week of regular games so Mandi is going to work extra hard and is totally sober and relaxed after yoga this morning.  Do any of you boys do yoga, because if so, maybe we could do downward dog together?

Colorado +23 1/2 vs Utah

I’ve felt so bad for the Buffaloes all year and the last thing I want is for them to go extinct.  Plus I have to think Mormon boys just get confused when they see hippy girls.

Washington -13 at Washington St.

Lesson learned last week.  Plus, most people think if you have two girls who are friends, one is the smart one and one is the pretty one.  Well, here Washington is both the smart and pretty one.

Arizona – 2 1/2 vs Arizona St.

Yeah, those whores tricked me last week.  And yes the ASU girls may be sexier.  But Arizona is still pretty hot and they’re a lot smarter.

UCLA +2 vs Stanford

Andrew’s school really overachieved last week.  And that makes sense because Stanford is just full of smart overachieving people.  But you know what gets smart nerdboys really tongue tied, really sexy women.  Trust Mandi, no nerd boy has ever gotten a whole sentence out to me.

Oregon -9 1/2 at Oregon St.

Ok, sometimes the smart kids win, and that happened last week despite Oregon’s fashion sense.  But Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, and orange and black have no place in your wardrobe till next year.  Choose the outfits.

USC +5 1/2 vs Notre Dame

Now this one is a challenge.  On one hand we have a group of girls who look so sexy in Catholic School Girl outfits.  On the other we have girls who have worn actual Catholic School Girl outfits.  One of Mandi’s rules, always go with sexy.