Utah Football: I Guess We Have to Look at Colorado…


or I suppose we could call this column, “PLAYING FOR PRIDE.”

Either way it’s a crap way to end the season.  I suppose there is only one thing left to play for and that is to not  lose two straight to Colorado.  Because seriously, I really don’t want to be the team that dropped two straight to Colorado.

So what does Colorado offer.  On paper, not much.

Their offense has been anemic and their defense hasn’t been stopping a lot of people, although when you don’t have offense its hard.  In fact it looks like even by Utah’s standard of offense this season the Buffs have been bad.  Their best result was a miracle at Wazzu and a two point loss to Sac St. (hey why does that sound familiar)

It would seem if Utah just comes out and plays hard, that would be enough.  I say, would seem, because that is what it seemed like last year, and then whatever happened there, happened.  I have to believe that won’t be the case this year.

So here are a few things I’d like to see us end the season with…

1.  Another 300 yard day by Travis Wilson.

2.  Combine that with another big day by John White

3.  It would be nice to see the defense get a couple of picks to set the tone for next year.

4.  Would it be too much to ask this game to never really be close?

All that said, I like John Embree, I really hope he gets at least one more year as two years in football isn’t really time to do much at all, unless your team had talent, which Colorado didn’t.

So lets get this one for Pride.