Utah Basketball: An Open Letter To Larry


Dear Larry,

Don’t worry, I come in peace.  I realize we haven’t always been the best of friends here and we’re probably never going to take long walks on the beach and talk about our feelings, but I’m here to give you some friendly advice.


Utah Basketball fans are delusional impatient people.  And while many of them gave you a pass for last year because they were so delusional that they believe the former coach told all the players to leave.  But don’t mistake that pass for goodwill in the tank because there is none.

Another loss or two to the Sac States of the world, teams that our fans deem unworthy of losing too, and well, almost nothing you do short of three straight championships will make things better for you.  Our delusional impatient fans have invented a very unique narrative to explain our problems.  Giac won a title and went to a Sweet 16 with Andrew Bogut.  Then they said he was a terrible recruiter who didn’t recruit D-I talent and was fired.

Boylen then took those guy and won a title.  Instead of Ute fans rewarding him for that, they dumped on him the next season, when we didn’t win a title after losing 80% of our scoring and 90% of our rebounding.  Giac went from incompetent to misunderstood genius and Boylen was the evil.

Now you’re here and you had a plan that involved this horrible OOC schedule.  Well the problem that comes with that, if you lose these games, people will decide you’re the evil and we’ll be looking for another coach.  So if you want that not to happen, I suggest you start by winning 3 games over Thanksgiving.

If you can manage that, we’ll talk again.