Utah Football: I Feel Good About Next Year…


So I took a day off to really consider everything about Utah Football.  I know the head hunters were out on Saturday night and trying to be rational wasn’t going to help.  So I thought about things and…

I’m still positive.

Coming into this year, we knew our undoing could be, problems at the quarterback spot and offensive line depth hurting us.  When those things stuck their head up, all Ute fans should have seen the issues coming.  Add in we had defensive issues I wasn’t expecting, largely related to a lack of athleticism/youth on the field in order to be more athletic.  Plus there was the kicking game.

Going into next year, Utah will have…

1. Travis Wilson, who stayed healthy and will have another year under his belt.

2. The offensive line will have the edition will get Marc Pouvave, Carlos Lozano, Junior Salt to join the very talented Mr. Poutasi, plus others.

3.  Having the youth on defense this year will pay dividends next year.

4. I have no idea about the kicking game.

I liked what Brian Johnson did in an incredibly difficult situation this year.  I think he will be much better next season.  If we can just have two consecutive seasons in the same system, the results will be light years better.

As for the defense, well I have a hard time believing that this is simply going to become a weakness.

Admittedly, there are questions and we won’t fully know till we take the field against Weber next fall.  However, for things to go very right for us, it doesn’t take a leap of faith to think it will all be A LOT better next year.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.