Utah Football: Let’s Look at Arizona


I think the Arizona Wildcats have been a pretty amazing story this year.  From a team that was essentially dead under baby boy Stoops, Arizona is bowl eligible and was a few plays against OSU and Stanford away from a truly remarkable season.  If not for what Mike Riley did at OSU, Rich Rod is your Pac-12 coach of the year.

But the season is long and Arizona is now dealing with the same issue that Utah is, depth.  Rich Rod himself has said they are playing every available body on defense and more than a few of them aren’t ready.  Their defense is really struggling right now just because they don’t have much to put out there.  That is one piece of good news for the Utes.

The other is Matt Scott.  Scott has had one hell of a season.  In fact if Scott was playing for a team that was expected to do something and had a media push behind him, you’d hear his name in Heisman circles.  He was born to run this Rich Rod offense.  The problem or good news if you’re Utah is, he’s gotten a pair of concussions.  And Rich Rod wasn’t exactly positive that he’ll go this week.

My guess is that he won’t go.  Arizona became bowl eligible last week without Scott and has Arizona St. in a week.  If I’m Rich Rod and there is a question at all I hold him for the ASU game.  In the MWC, Utah wouldn’t have run out a possibly concussed QB, risking not having him for the BYU game.

So if we’re looking for early keys to the Arizona game.  Lets get some offense flowing like we did against Cal and Washington St., and we’re going to need to stop Ka’Deem Carey, because without Scott, he becomes the primary weapon.

That is the best guess we have till the injury report comes out on Thursday and we know about Scott.