Say Hello To My 500th Post


In my year and a few months of blogging, I have indeed reached the 500 post milestone.  I wasn’t sure where this Ute blogging thing was going to go when I started, but the fact that I have reached 500 posts and that you people keep coming by everyday to read, well I just wanted to take a minute and say I’m kinda proud of that.

This blog has essentially been witness to Utah’s fun but bumpy transition from the non-haves to the haves.

Injuries have highlighted what the biggest difference is between those two levels, depth.  Utah was caught flatfooted at the QB and o-line positions combined with a bit of a lack of athleticism on defense and well, here we are.  I fully expect the situation to improve next year but in the mean time we get to hear impatient Ute fans demand changes up and down the line.

As for hoops, well we got to see the product of Larry’s decision to use a nuclear bomb where a scalpel was needed.  We won six games.  And there are an odd group of people who love him for it.  We’ll win more than six games this year, but last years team would have won more than six games with this schedule.  As for what the future holds, well that remains an open question.

The other sports haven’t exactly set the world on fire, but we knew that would be the other place we’re behind, Olympic Sports.  Women’s basketball is picked 7th this year and one would thing gymnastics should make some noise, outside of that well…

In the end, I’ve enjoyed my time making these 500 posts and look forward to the next 500.  So thanks for reading and lets all hope that our sports just keep getting better.

Thanks for reading and GO UTES.