Utah Football- The Road Is The Son Of Female Dog In The Pac-12


I haven’t looked at twitter or anything so I don’t know what the masses are saying about this one.  But here are my unfiltered thoughts.

1.  I said we had to stop Bishop Sankey.  We didn’t and it made everything else work for Washington.

2.  I’m sure some mouth breathers are out there blaming Brian Johnson.  Don’t.  Washington is a different team at home.  Wilson did not play great.  How many drops did we have, at least 5.  And we put ourselves in third and long with too many penalties.

3.  One frustration I will always wonder about this year.  How we didn’t parlay the double and triple teams Star has drawn all season into better run defense.

Washington is just really good at home and we’re just not there yet.  Our backs are now against the wall.  Arizona essentially doesn’t have a defense because of injuries, but it’s clear they still have offensive weapons.  It will be an interesting game.  I don’t feel like being wildly hard on our team because the line between success and failure is so much thinner in the Pac-12.  We made a few mistakes, we didn’t capitalize on theirs and there you have it.

I’ll have more thoughts tomorrow, but one thing is clear, we have to win out.

No more margin for error.