Utah Football: More and More I Struggle To Get Ute Fans…


So after I posted last night I made the mistake of going on twitter to see what the pulse of Ute fandom was.  And while I don’t expect a celebration following a loss to Washington, I’m literally seeing some people calling for Whit’s head or suggesting he should be on the hot seat next year.  I see fully rational people suggest that the world was ending.

I don’t understand what is wrong with uttering these sentences…

1. The biggest difference between the Pac-12 and the MWC is depth.  Depth is a function of recruiting in the conference.  We didn’t have it from day one and may still be short next year.

2.  We’ve had some additional things go wrong, from lack of health at the QB and line spots (related to depth) that made preseason predictions meaningless.  So that if you’re pissed we’re not meeting those predictions, you’re not being smart.

3.  This move was simply harder than we thought.  And we’re going to need a recruiting class or two.

We didn’t play great at Washington.  But lets admit Washington is really good at home.  Even with a 6-4 record their Sagarin ELO-Chess rating is 15.  They beat Stanford at home.

Second, the road is a MUCH tougher place in the Pac-12.  There is no trip to the ABQ here.  UCLA got whipped by Cal.  This same Husky team got crushed in Arizona.  If you have a not great O-line and a freshman QB, you will struggle.

Finally, if you can simply have some stability from one year to the next, and we’ll have it next year, great things can happen.  Look at Oregon St.  Look at Stanford and what stability has done for them.

So instead of the meltdowns, how about we exercise some patience and ACCEPT this is a work in progress.

We’re not going to Laramie anymore.