Utah Utes Football: Lets Look at the Washington Huskies


It’s going to be hard to draw a lot of parallels between last year’s Washington game and this year.

Last year we saw Jordan Wynn go down at the half of a tight game and Jon Hays was ugly when he came back out.  A 14-10 lead turned into a 31-14 loss.  A lot is different this year.

1. This game is in Seattle and Washington is a team that is much much better at home.

2.  Washington is light years better on defense.

3.  While Utah is starting a Freshman QB, at least we’re settled at the position.

So what would a Utah victory look like?

1.  The Utah offense scoring some points.  Washington hasn’t scored more than 21 points on an FBS team all season.  One would think if Utah scores 28 or 31 that would mean almost certain victory.  Easier said that done in Seattle.

2.  Stop Bishop Sankey.  Keith Price hasn’t exactly been awesome, he has 9 TD’s and 10 INTs.  Washington as a team has barely thrown for more yards than Utah as a team.  The Utah defense has been solid enough that it would be shocking if we were beaten by Keith Price and the Husky air attack.  They’re kind of living on Sankey right now.

Personally I’m a fan of Sankey because I got to watch him in high school, he attended Gonzaga Prep in Spokane.  Prep’s offense was unique because they did away with having a QB and simply snapped the ball to Sankey on every play.  Prep probably would have been State champions if Sankey’s blocker and the teams best defensive player Charlie Hopkins (now at Stanford) hadn’t torn his ACL mid-season.  The kid will earn money on Sunday in a couple of years.

So what Utah needs to do is clear.  Find Offense, stop Sankey.  But it’s also much easier said than done.