The Bestest Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Entire Universe


I have a dream that Power Polls will judged by the content of their rankings and not by the color of the number one team.

1.  Oregon (Last Week- 1) Well Oregon finished their first test with an A.  USC gave a fight but Oregon dropped sixty on USC in LA.  I mean it’s not as impressive as AJ McCarron throwing a screen pass, but its something.  Next Game  at Cal

2.  Stanford (Last Week- 2)  It’s tougher and tougher to pick a number 2 team in the Pac-12.  It’s more like there is Oregon, then one group of teams, and then Wazzu and Colorado.  Stanford gets their turn this week.  Next Game vs Oregon St.

3.  UCLA (Last Week- 5)  The Bruins destroyed Arizona although I’ll give the game an asterisk because of the Matt Scott concussion issue.  I’d be more in love with the Bruins if it weren’t for the Cal game, and the way they let my Utes hang around.  But they’ve got Wazzu and if Stanford loses, they’ll get a shot at being number two.  Next Game at Washington St.

4. USC (Last Week- 4) USC gave Oregon a fight, which was impressive.  But I just felt UCLA was much more impressive.  They’ll get a chance to settle it.  Next Game vs Arizona St.

5. Oregon St. (Last Week- 6) Came up with a big win after dropping that game at Washington.  It will still be interesting to see where this goes.  Next Game at Stanford

6.  Washington (Last Week- 6) They struggled with Cal and Cal is not good.  I’m really not sure where this Washington team is at.  Next Game vs Utah

7.  Arizona (Last Week- 2)  I’m going to put Arizona here, although if Matt Scott is going to miss some serious time, this could be much much worse.  He clearly wasn’t all there versus UCLA.  We’ll see how it goes.  Next Game vs Colorado

8.  Arizona St. (Last Week- 8) They lost to a better Oregon St. team.  I think ASU has to be happy with the progress they’ve made this year.  But I don’t know how much more this team has this year.  Next Game at USC

9.  Utah (Last Week- 9) Ok it was just Wazzu but Utah came out and took care of business.  If Utah wants to show they are a changed team, a win in Seattle would go A LONG WAY to doing just that.  Next Game at Washington

10.  Cal (Last Week- 10) Another game, another loss as the Jeff Tedford watch continues.  They showed some fight this week.  But now they have Oregon.  Next Game vs Oregon

11. Colorado (Last Week- 11) Nothing is keeping them here other than the fact they beat Wazzu.  Well that and Wazzu looked really awful as well.  Next Game at Arizona

12. Washington St. (Last Week- 12) After showing some hope against Stanford they were simply rocked against Utah.  The pirates ship has sunk for this season.  Next game vs UCLA