Utah Defeats Washington St. And it felt good.


That was one of those games that we just needed.  To go out and take care of business like that in back to back games feels really good.  Now I’m not putting the cart before the horse here,  I know that it was Cal and Wazzu and not Oregon and Stanford, but we need baby steps.

Some Thoughts

1. Travis Wilson 17-21, two touchdowns and only one real freshman pass.  The “Sexy Giraffe” is coming along nicely.

2.  Reggie Dunn is playing insane football right now.  NCAA record for 100 yard kickoff returns.  It’s just special to watch him.

3.  Reggie Topps keeps coming up with big plays as well.  Utah would do well to add more Reggies.

4.  Nice to see you back Juan Blanco.

5.  The defense came out and did everything right.  With a bad team you need to come out and strangle them so they don’t start thinking they might not be bad.  We did that.

6.  Brian Johnson, is really looking good now that the offense has some stability.

Like I said at the top, its Cal and Washington St. and we still won’t be making January reservations in Pasadena.  But this feels really good to come out and play so very well in back to back games.  We need two wins and that means a win at Washington or home against Arizona.  But we’re halfway to where we need to be and things feel a lot better than they did two weeks ago.