Utah Basketball: Simon Fraser Thoughts


I thought I’d share a couple of post game thoughts.

1.  Jordan Loveridge is the best player on the court.

2. I worry that isn’t a good thing, especially when we face a team, like all of the Pac-12 who can match up with him.  But I’m not insulting Jordan and I like his game.

3. Dallin Bachynski just might be a find.  I mean we stumbled ass backwards into him but he might be a player.

4.  Renan Lenz for as hard as we went after him, is just unathletic and awful.  He’s a soft Rafael Araujo including the look of a guy who will jack a rally killing three that won’t draw iron.

5.  When Jeremy Olsen gets his mission rust off, I’m not sure why Lenz would see the court ahead of Washburn, Bachynski and Olsen.

6.  The Loveridge concern has to be the same concern for the whole team.  Its one thing when you can overwhelm a terrible Simon Fraser.  How will this team handle teams that can match up with them.

7.  The execution was terrible, leading me to concern number six.

8.  I had hoped for better outside shooting, especially against a team like this.

9.  Overall, I’m not sure what we know about this team.  And I’m not sure we’ll know any more until the SMU, Boise, BYU stretch, none of whom would finish in the top half of the Pac-12 this year.

I have some other folks who will send me some thoughts, but there you go.