Mandi The Sorority Girl Picks The Pac-12


Mandi was 4-2 (WOO) last week and moves to 23-32 (bleh) on the year.

As always Mandi will use the Consensus Line from Vegas Insider at the time of writing.

Editors Note:  As a rule the picture should be from the school of the team Mandi chose.  But do to the unwillingness of some schools to have enough hot girls, we are going to use random girls, generally from the SEC where girls know how to dress.

Well how was Halloween for everyone.  I know Mandi had a great time.  I went as a Sexy deer.  Do you doubt the possibility of it…  You shouldn’t have.

Don’t you just want to shoot us with you big gun and strap us to the hood of your truck?

But now that Halloween is over we have to get ready for Thanksgiving and seeing the parents for the first time in three months.  Girls that means buying some clothes that will cover up your tramp stamp you got while you were drunk back in October.

Now on to the picks.

Washington +4 at Cal

You just have to understand when Washington is going to play like the cool girl from Seattle going for a run with her adorable Husky and when she’s going to be a sad fat girl in purple.  I feel a cool girl weekend and while Cal girls are smart, they’re also ugly and can’t handle a cool girl.

Oregon -8 at USC

I think the rich hot girls at USC might be doing a little too much blow and its time to take a 28 day vacation in Malibu (that’s rehab in case you didn’t get it).  It would be a shame to find USC giving head for crack in a couple of years.  Plus Oregon is just too cool right now.  I wonder which outfit they’ll wear.

Stanford -28 at Colorado

The Buffalo are sad and Andrew’s school is just far too good.

Utah +11 vs Washington St.

It’s reached the time of year where the fat girls at Washington St. are once again sitting alone in their dorm room eating ice cream realizing that no boy calls them before 11PM and never lets them stay the night.  It’s tough to realize you’re a scooter (fun to ride but you don’t want anyone to see you on one).  When that depression has set it, they aren’t beating anyone.

Arizona -3 1/2 at UCLA

Such a tough game, cute girls from the desert against cute girls from the coast.  Adorable mascots, great colors, it’s just too hard too pick.  I might go with UCLA, except they are kind of jealous of USC and might have started doing blow as well.

Arizona St. +4 at Oregon St.

Halloween is over, but you what is never over, Herpes.  I suspect that an outbreak will power Arizona St. right by the Beavers.