Utah Football: What Should Next Years Expectations Be?


I know what I want to see from the football team.  Consistency all over the offense from day one and continued growth in our talent.  I think with our young talent, the additional offensive linemen we’ll have and stability at QB, we’ll improve a great deal.  On defense we lose Star, but we’ve got a lot of youth.  We were inconsistent early in the year so I’d like to see that go away.

Our Schedule will look something like this (now if there have been changes I apologize, this looked like the latest)

Home: Utah St., Weber St., Arizona St., Colorado, Oregon St., UCLA, Waashington

Road: BYU, Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, USC

As I’ve said, I think the first thing is that we should expect consistency from day one next year.  The issues that created our problems this year and somewhat last year should be largely taken care of.  Would it first be too much to expect for us to run the table at home.  ASU has been a real thorn and Sark will be coaching for his job.  Plus UCLA should be improved.  But provided we can take care of whatever happens when we play ASU, does 7-0 at home seem overwhelming?

As for the road games.  We’ll win at BYU.  And I have to wonder if the sanctions won’t really start to take hold next year when Barkley and Lee are gone.  Oregon is probably a lost cause, but don’t you have to wonder if Stanford will stay good?

You know I drink the Kool Aid when we have a 3 win team and I’m trying to talk myself into 11-1.

But would 6-3 in the Pac-12 and running the OOC table be too much to ask?  9-3, a Holiday/Alamo Bowl Berth and a special season in 2014.

Would that be crazy?