Utah Utes Football: Let’s Start Looking at The Wazzu Breed of Cougs


Editors Note:  If you want to know a whole lot about the Cougs, check out All Coug’d Up, our sister site.  They do a very nice job.

Here are some interesting stats from the Wazzu vs Stanford game.

Passing Yards: WSU- 401 Stanford- 136

Rushing Yards: Stanford- 120 WSU- 0 (Created Partially because WSU gave up 10 sacks)

First Downs: WSU-25 Stanford- 13

Now considering Stanford won this game, what do we take away from all this.

1.  Wazzu don’t run the ball in the conventional sense.  They substitute a short passing game for a running game.

2.  It appears it is most important to not allow big plays.  If you can keep everything in front of you, this Wazzu team appears perfectly happy to make short passes and flame out.  It’s best to let them.

3.  Wazzu just doesn’t score much, if we can get 28 points it would seem that would be enough.

4.  It looks like this team has grown up from the mutt of a dog that rolled over to get it’s belly scratched against BYU.  We’ll need to either step on their necks or like last year, put on our big boy pants and be ready to play.

My sense of the game is this.  We are better than Washington St. and this is a game we should win.  And God help us if we’re cocky and arrogant after winning one Pac-12 game.  But if we come out like last week and take care of business, by the end of Saturday we’ll be one win closer to a bowl game.

I’m curious as to how the Wazzu folks are looking at us.