Random Thoughts for Tuesday Afternoon…


I hate Alabama, just loathe them.  Alabama is like a rich dude with every advantage pretending like he’s a self-made man.  Being born on third isn’t the same as hitting a triple Bama.  (any comparisons to a current presidential candidate are purely coincidental)

Our basketball team look bad in a scrimmage against Montana St.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the reason given… Overconfidence

I can’t decide what I should expect out of Utah Football.  I expect better o-line and QB play and more consistency on defense, but what should that mean in wins?

We haven’t won a Pac-12 title in anything yet?  Will gymnastics get that done this year?

Can Arizona really win the Pac-12 South?

I don’t care about the NBA.  My friend Raider likes Golden State and Andrew Bogut plays there, so go Warriors?  Also Andre Miller and the Nuggets.

Tony Jones is much better on the Ute beat than the previous writer.

Wow I could not be more tired of election commercials.  And I don’t live in a swing state.  Honestly I’d be happy for the power to be out.

I think Oregon smacks USC upside the head this week.  And some SEC team will probably jump Oregon in the polls.

Finally, no one has noticed but Arizona-UCLA could quite likely be for the Pac-12 South title.  USC will take their third loss this week in conference, meaning the winner of that game controls their own destiny.  It would be especially big for Arizona as their remaining schedule is Colorado, at Utah, and Arizona St.

If Oregon St. flops, Rich Rod will be coach of the year.