Utah Football: And Hope Continues…


So all it took was the whole team getting better combined with us not having to play top 25 teams anymore and there we are both with a win and hope of a bowl game.

It was a combination of the final malfunctions of the Tedford-bot combined with solid QB play and a defense that is finally beginning to find itself.

So we need 3 wins in our final 4 games.  What does that look like exactly.

Next up is Washington St.

Wazzu has been showing signs of life lately, losing by 13 to Oregon St., 14 to Cal and 7 to Stanford.  They are going to come out and throw the ball, throw it all over the field, keep throwing it until they can’t throw it any more and then throw it some more.  It would be nice for the game to follow a blueprint to something similar to the Cal game.  I realize we won’t get two kickoff return touchdowns, but turnovers and defense will be a big help.  We’ll need to get this offense off of the field.

After that we go to Washington..

At home, sadly where we’re going, Washington has beaten Stanford, when they were #8 and Oregon St. when they were #7.  They did drop a game to USC at home as well.  The name of the game for Washington at home is defense combined with solid dose of running back Bishop Sankey.  Utah must either have this game or…

Arizona comes to Utah…

And unless Matt Scott misses extended time for a concussion which includes this game, this worries me.  Arizona is a couple of plays from being 7-1 right now.  If Oregon St. collapses, Rich-Rod has to be considered the coach of the year.  We do get Arizona at home, but they look much more like the teams that gave us trouble and less like the teams we’ve beaten.  But Utah must win here or at Washington to get that bowl game.

Finally Utah goes to Colorado…

And I expect we’ll go and take care of bidness at CU.  I can’t imagine we’d get caught sleepwalking two years in a row in this game.  And hopefully that gets us to six wins and a bowl game.  Because if any year, I think that this year with all the youth we have, would be a fantastic year to get some extra practice to set the tone going into spring and the next fall.

So that is what hope looks like folks.  And I’m feeling a bit better, what do you kids think.