The Bestest Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Entire Universe


We didn’t land on this Power Poll, This Power Poll landed on us…

1.  Oregon (Last Week- 1) Well Oregon did what they do to Colorado, and pretty it was not.  This week they get a USC team that just isn’t a complete USC team.  Don’t think things will change up top. Next Game at USC

2. Arizona (Last Week- 5) Yeah I’m moving Arizona to number two.  Honestly they are a couple of plays from being 7-1 and took care of bidness against USC.  Rich Rod has done a shocker of a job.  If OSU collapses, he’s coach of the year.  Next Game- At UCLA

3.  Stanford (Last Week- 4)  In the last two weeks they’ve looked sluggish against teams who have been crushed by others.  Makes you go hmmm… Next Game at Colorado

4. USC (Last Week- 3) Ok I don’t know what to do with USC right now, so they’ll stay here until Oregon kills them and then we’ll see what else happened.  Next Game vs Oregon

5. UCLA (Last Week- 6) Big win in Tempe but I don’t think they’ve done enough to jump anyone else.  But they’ll have their chances.

6. (tie) Oregon St (Last Week- 2) I hate dropping the Beavers this much but a question has to arrive.  A close game vs Utah and a loss to Washington, has the Beaver Juice gone bad? Next Game vs Arizona St.

6. (tie) Washington (Last Week- 8) I didn’t feel right jumping them over the Beavers.  Did OSU just make some mistakes, is Washington as crappy on the road as they are good at home.  Lets see what happens with Cal.  Next Game at Cal

8. Arizona St. (Last Week- 7) Tough way to lose at home.  But at the same time they don’t have a win against a really good team.  Next Game at Oregon St.

9. Utah (Last Week- 10) Utah is clearly better than Cal.  We know that.  Utah has games against Wazzu and Colorado, both likely wins.  That means, Utah must beat Washington or Arizona to go to a bowl.  Still a steep mountain to climb. Next Game vs Washington St.

10. Cal (Last Week- 9) Jeff Tedford, here are some nice parting gifts.  One would have to believe nothing saves his job now.  Next Game vs Washington.

11.  Colorado (Last Week-11) So the schedule makers really did sent Colorado to USC, then to Oregon and now home vs Stanford.  Why does the Pac-12 hate Jon Embree.  I just hope he gets another season.  Good guy in a horrible spot. Next Game vs Stanford.

12.  Washington St. (Last Week- 12) Don’t look now but Wazzu is giving the illusion of not sucking.  Now its unclear if that is the same as not sucking.  Next Game at Utah