Utah Football: Reggie Reggie Reggie


Whenever you get 21 points from guys name Reggie, it’s a really good night.

Last night was just an all around good night.

Reggie Dunn gives us two special teams touchdowns.

Reggie Topps give us a defensive touchdown.

The defense comes out huge, making stops and sacks and turnovers and most importantly giving our offense a short field.

And best of all, offense made it’s first appearance all season long for the University of Utah.  Travis Wilson throws for 156 yards and shows a great knack for running the ball as well.

And then maybe even better than that, none of Utah’s penalties seems to be killers.  Of course perhaps that is because we actually had an offense that could get us out of a bad situation.

In short, this was kind of the team we’ve been waiting for all season.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, lets remember that part of it is because of who we played.  Cal is not a good football team.  And thank goodness for us, we play two more football teams who suck even harder than Cal.  So if we can just go out and do what we did last night, that gets the ol’ Runnin’ Utes to 5 wins.

And then we’re going to have to go into Washington, who just beat Oregon St., or take Arizona at home who just beat USC.  So the world hasn’t become a simple place yet.

But the Utes went out last night and did what we needed to do.  And we looked pretty good doing it.

Thanks to a couple of guys named Reggie.