Utah Football: Keys To A Must Win…


So here we are, our backs against the wall.  Win 4 of 5 or it’s no bowl game for the first time in a decade.  We all know all the problems this year.  We’ve used three QB’s.  There have been offensive line issues.  John White was hurt for a time.  The receivers have dropped balls.  The defense doesn’t get turnovers or give our offense short fields.  And all around we’ve done stupid stupid things.  It’s all got to end.  TODAY.

So here are the keys…

Time to become a big boy Travis Wilson.  They started you in two games we were unlikely to win for one reason, to get a win today.  Play like a man.

Offensive line, you’ve gotten light years better, not its time to put it all together, no drive killing penalties today.

Receivers, CATCH THE BALL.  And DVC, its been a rough year.  We all know it.  But if you can step up starting today, it is all we will remember.  You can do this.

Defensive line, you have a guy drawing triple teams, the rest of you need to make plays.

Brian Blechen, you’ve been piss poor and stupid this year.  STOP IT.


There are no more chances after today.  Pencil in 4-8 for our season record if we drop this one.  We need to come out and take it by the balls.