Pac-12 South Football: Am I Crazy or Is This A Four Team Race


So instead of one more column attempting to make a defense of Brian Johnson that no one is going to listen to (he really is doing a fine job all things considered).  I thought I’d take a moment and look around the rest of the conference.  The North will almost certainly belong to Oregon unless, OSU makes it to even higher highs or Stanford beats Oregon and Oregon St. (not gonna happen, either of them).

But I look at the South and where many start assuming USC, I say, not so fast my friends.

First USC hasn’t really clubbed anyone outside of Colorado.  And I have to believe they’ll lose to Oregon next week.

It’s still sort of hard to gauge how good Arizona St. is because their three Pac-12 wins are against not so good teams.

UCLA is pretty good but there is that Cal brainfart.

And then there is Arizona, who is a few plays from 6-1.

If Arizona beats USC this weekend, is it really a stretch to say they run the table?

Would it be crazy to think ASU could beat UCLA this weekend and get a split out of OSU and USC?

UCLA probably has the toughest road considering they have both Arizona Schools, USC and Stanford left.

So what is likely to happen.  Well if USC beats Arizona, I would guess the division will be theirs even with a loss to Oregon.  But an Arizona win opens up everything.  Arizona has a nice road with games at UCLA and Utah and home against Colorado and ASU.  But they have to be perfect and they’ll need some help.

Arizona St. needs to get UCLA in Tempe and then a split out of OSU and USC, USC would be the better team to beat.  If they manage that they get Wazzu and then head to Arizona.  How fascinating would that be, the Arizona schools for the Pac-12 South title.

And if UCLA survives the gauntlet they have left, well hats off to them.

So at the end of the day it’s most likely USC, but if Arizona wins this week, remember what I’ve said.