Mandi The Sorority Girl Picks The Pac-12


Mandi was 2-3 last week (bleh) and moves to 19-30 (ugh) on the season.  But seriously you people tell Mandi what the hell she should do with 30 and 40 point spreads.  

As always Mandi will use the Consensus Line from Vegas Insider at the time of writing.

Editors Note:  As a rule the picture should be from the school of the team Mandi chose.  But do to the unwillingness of some schools to have enough hot girls, we are going to use random girls, generally from the SEC where girls know how to dress.

One more week of meh for you guys and I feel so bad.  Like let you take me to a strip club and watch me get a lap dance from a stripper bad.  That’s almost Mandi letting you have a three-way bad.  All I can do is try harder.

On To The Games

Arizona +6 1/2 vs USC

I know a lot of people are thinking USC is just to sexy for Arizona.  And while that might normally be true, USC is sexy and they know it and not in a good way.  Plus their QB has bad blond highlights.  I’m just going to snuggle with a kitty on this one.

UCLA +6 1/2 at Arizona St.

Wow this has just started off as sexy women week as the four most attractive schools play each other.  I think this comes down to one thing.  UCLA girls are smart while Arizona St. girls are suffering from the side effects of valtrex which can include bloody diarrhea, mood changes and hallucinations (for full side effects look here).

Colorado +45 1/2 at Oregon

Even Mandi knows that this is just mean to make Colorado play this game and that it is impossible to pick.

Washington St. +24 1/2 at Stanford

No this doesn’t mean I think a bunch of drunk fat girls could possibly beat my Andrew’s school.  But Andrew’s school has class and probably won’t win by that much.

Utah -1 vs Cal

Ugly smart girls against Mormon girls.  Don’t know what to do with that.  A Bear against a strange ugly chicken?  See many people would go with the bear, I’m thinking if that weird chicken can fly, its just going to make the bear crazy.

Oregon St. -4 1/2 at Washington

I’ve longed talked about my love hate relationship with Washington.  Seattle is great, purple is a terrible color, Huskies are cute, Washington girls are deceptively chunky.  But as we get closer to Halloween, you have to love Oregon St.  Plus I think you know Mandi isn’t above enjoying some Beaver Juice from time to time.  (for the record the photo is 2007 Playmate of the year Sara Underwood, who when to Oregon St., so lucky them)