Utah Football- Lets Look At Cal


So since our beloved Utes are in a must win situation, lets look at the team they must beat.

Cal is 3-5.  They’ve lost to 3 ranked teams, Arizona St. and Nevada.  Their QB, Zach Maynard is a senior and a three year starter, he’s thrown 10 TD’s and 8 Picks.  Their running game is a two headed monster of C.J Anderson and Isi Sofele from Utah (Highland High I think).  Maynard’s main target is Keenan Allen who has half of Maynard’s touchdown receptions.

One would think that Jeff Tedford has to been playing for his job.  Although it’s Cal and maybe the just don’t notice these things.  After things looked promising and Tedford being a hot name, the most Pac-10/12 wins he’s had in the past five years is six and he had two 3 win seasons in that same time frame.  However as the UCLA game shows, Tedford gets oddly dangerous sometimes.  Hopefully Saturday won’t be one of those days.

And maybe the Cal defense is just what we need to finally unshackle our offense.  They’re giving up nearly 26 points a game.

So there we are.  We’re going to see Cal with a balanced attack that can be good, but often isn’t and they have a defense that gives up points.

It’s the perfect chance to start to turn this thing around.