Utah Baskeball: Lets Look At Future Rosters…


It’s Tuesday afternoon, so as good a time as any to take a moment away from football and look at where hoops is going.

Here is our team by class…

Sr.: Dubois, Martin, Washburn

Jr.: Dean, Dotson, Lenz

So.: Bachynski,

Fr: Loveridge, Olsen, Seymour, Taylor, Tucker

Recruits: Delon Wright (JC), Marko Kovacevic (JC), Brandon Miller, Parker Van Dyke (Mission, essentially joining in 2015.  Also we’ll assume Brandon Taylor redshirts.  In fact my guess is he’ll transfer, but we’ll just redshirt him for now.

With Van Dyke’s mission, the Utes have one spot left, and are desperately hoping to give it to Noah Allen.

That means 2013 will look like

Sr.: Dean, Dotson, Lenz

Jr. Baychynski, Wright, Kovacevic

So.Loveridge, Olsen, Seymour, Tucker

Fr. Miller, Taylor, (unknown player)

And that means we’ll be looking for three players in next years recruiting class.

So will this group, Baychynski, Wright, Kovacevic, Loveridge, Olsen, Seymour, Tucker, Miller, Taylor, 1 Unknown Soph and 3 other unknowns…

Will that group be enough to justify an extension in year four.

One other little piece of food for thought for Ute fans.  Mark Gottfried very much wanted the Utah job.  Talked to everyone about wanting the Utah job.  It seems Utah didn’t want him.  I was told by many fans about how he just wasn’t enough of an X and O guy.  N.C. State, where Gottfried ended up is picked to win the ACC in year two.