Utah Football: Oddly I Have Hope


"The 1 thing giving me hope abt. Ute FB is that we played 3 Top 20 teams past 3 weeks and were in each game in the 4th qtr. Sched softens now – A Tweet by Some Guy…"

A month ago, after ASU curb-stomped us, I wouldn’t have thought this.  But I’ve seen Oregon St. play a couple of times now and we really hung in there.  Yes we did some stupid things and yes OSU did what they needed to do, but this team went up there and showed that they at least belong on the field.

And they’ve done that for three weeks now.  (And as a side note, how smart is the decision to go to Wilson at UCLA looking now, instead of freshman jitters vs Cal, we’ve got a kid who is doing a lot of things right)

But now is the time to take the next step.  Our schedule up till now is the second toughest in the nation.  From here on out, not so much.  We play two bad teams, one of whom we owe some payback.  We play a not good team in Cal and another team that just might be losing their way in Washington.  The one team that scares me is Arizona, who is very close to being 6-1.

So we have four winnable games and we need four wins.  That sounds like it fits together.

But what needs to happen is for this team to grow up.

So could you guys like do that, really fast.