The Bestest Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Entire Universe: Week 9


This power poll is endowed with certain unalienable rights…

1.  Oregon (Last Week- 1)  What Oregon did to Arizona St. for a half, well it was just cruel.  Maybe Chip should hang a hunnerd on everyone and then he could be in the top to in the BCS.  It’s not even right that Colorado has to play them.  Next Game vs Colorado

2.  Oregon St. (Last Week- 2) Really good teams find ways to win even when they are forced out of their game.  Last week Utah brought the fight to them and Oregon St. found a way.  I wonder how long this will go on.  Next Game at Washington

3.  USC (Last Week- 3) We’ve really seen some stability at the top of the poll.  USC dismantled Colorado.  But I still don’t know if they have enough to be a serious national player.  Their coming game against Arizona will be very interesting. Next Game- at Arizona

4.  Stanford (Last Week-5) What ever happened to Stanford at Washington is weird, because otherwise they have seemed steady as they go.  Solid if unspectacular win vs Cal.  Next Game- vs Washington St.

5.  Arizona (Last Week- 7) How good is Arizona.  They are a couple of plays away from being 6-1 and just destroyed Washington.  It will be interesting to see if they can break through vs USC.  Next game vs USC

6. UCLA (Last Week- 9) They move up because Arizona St. and Washington both got wrecked and somehow this just feels like where the Bruins are right now.  If they beat ASU it will confirm it.  Next Game at ASU

7.  Arizona St. (Last Week- 4)  Wow they got crushed, just crushed.  You have to wonder how that will affect them with UCLA coming to town.  Next Game vs UCLA

8. Washington (Last Week- 5)  It looks a little bit like the Stanford win was a fluke.  Sark is struggling and the first group of fans have begun calling for his head.  Can he save the ship?  Next Game vs Oregon St.

9.  (tie) California (Last Week- 9) Cal only managed 3 points versus Stanford.  It looks like UCLA might have been their freak game and the Jeff Tedford saga is indeed ending.  Next Game at Utah

9.  (tie) Utah (Last Week- 10) I elevated Utah to a tie here because Utah looked like they had some life against OSU.  If the Utes are to save their season and get to a bowl, any bowl, it starts now.  Next Game vs Cal

11.  Colorado (Last Week- 11) Ok Pac-12 schedulers, was it some sort of mean joke to send Colorado to USC and Oregon in back to back weeks?  Really?  Next game at Oregon

12.  Washington St. (Last Week- 12) Still haven’t done anything worthy of getting out of the cellar.  A long season on the Palouse continues.  Next Game at Stanford