Utah Football: Getting To A Bowl Game


Here is a quick look at what it will now take to get to a bowl game.  And getting to a bowl game, win or lose, would be extremely useful for this team going forward.

– Cal at home.  With the exception of their UCLA showing, this looks like a Cal team that is starting to phone it in.  If Utah gets a good home crowd and the offense can keep moving forward and if we can do two or three fewer stupid things… I hate how many if’s there are but I think the Utes win.

– Washington St. at home.  The Cougars are not a good team.  They’re even worse on the road.  BYU clubbed this team.  I’m almost sure we get this one.

– At Washington.  If we could get some momentum from two wins, this might now be the game we can steal.  The Huskies are slumping, there are calls for Sark’s job.  There is talk of making a QB switch.  If we can spend a couple of weeks doing things right.  This one is winnable.

– Arizona at home.  Now this one scares me, which is odd because I thought this one was a winner to start the season.  The Cats dominated Washington and are a couple of plays from being 6-1.  Even at Oregon it was 14-0 at the half and Arizona went to the red zone six times and got no points.  I am afraid the Cats just might out score us.

– At Colorado.  I just can’t believe we crap the bed in two straight seasons against the Buffs.  They simply don’t have talent right now.  If we can just not be terrible horribly stupid, we should win this game.

So there it is.  We have three games that we should win.  And a fourth that we can totally steal.  This team will have to be better than they’ve been all season.  And that is the one thing they have done, grown every week.

So I’m not without hope