Utah Utes Football: At #8 Oregon St.


First isn’t that really weird to say, #8 Oregon St.  I don’t have the math but I cannot imagine that has happened too many times.

As for the game, there are signs of hope for this Utah team, I just wish we weren’t heading to Oregon St.

– The Offensive Line is improving.  No they aren’t perfect and they probably won’t be.  But they’ve moved from abortion to approaching passable.

– Travis Wilson threw for 200 yards.  Something Jon Hays hadn’t done in 12 games.  At the start of the UCLA game, he looked like a freshmen for whom the game seemed too fast and he was trying to hard.  In the 2nd half he settled down and some stuff happened.

– The D has issues, no pass rush despite Lotulelei drawing double and triple teams.  And the secondary has been ugly at times.  Yet they did nearly enough at UCLA, if we you know, had an offense.

A Utah win would look something like this.  Wilson builds on the end of the UCLA game and comes out firing.  The Utes generate an early score from the offense giving everyone some confidence.  The defense plays a little better, slowing this OSU offense.  We aren’t the ones playing from behind all day.

Finally we keep the lead and let all the pressure on OSU being on the edge of a historic season take its toll and close the deal.

No I don’t think that is likely but a boy can dream right.

If only we had Cal or Wazzu at home I’d feel alright, right about now.  But this OSU team is for real and our Utes seem to just be finding themselves.

What we all wouldn’t give to play New Mexico right now.