Utah Football: Will This Be Our Offensive Coordinator Next Year?


Ok… This is mostly a reason to post this video, which I’m sure most of you have seen but amuses me to know end.  Wyoming Coach Dave Christensen melts down on the Air Force coach on Military Appreciation night.

But Utah fans being Utah fans, there are a certain segment of us who are already in turbo bitch mode about Brian Johnson.  Now I think BJ has done a hell of a job considering the issues the offense has.  But the hate the OC folks believe Brian runs and throws the ball too much… Or Something.

Not to mention we’ve had 5 OC’s in 4 years.  Or Something

But if Wyoming fires Dave Christensen.  And I’m not saying they will.  Just think about it.  He was the OC for Missouri for 11 years and ran a hell of an attacking, spread, no huddle offense.  He is close friends with Kyle Whittingham going back to when they coached at Idaho St., together.  BTW, didn’t that Idaho St. staff have a lot of talent?  Should we be so naive to think that Kyle might not give some thought to calling his old buddy, especially if he has any buyers remorse on Brian Johnson.

I don’t really think any of this will happen.  And I say this mostly to make fun of people who bitch about our Offensive Coordinator for any season we aren’t scoring 40 PPG.

But does it seem so crazy?