Thursdays With Raider- Gangnam Style


Editor’s Note: In case you’re new here to Hoyo’s Revenge, each Thursday, my great friend, Raider Ute and I discuss some random things and then talk about that weeks match-ups.  We’re both Wyoming raised and converts to Utedom, so I think we bring an interesting perspective.  Enjoy.


First I must start with this…

Tell me if this was a good or a bad thing?  Does the baseball team’s participation mean that they will never ever ever win?  I think I might have enjoyed just watching the volleyball team do it, your thoughts?

Raider Thoughts

Over the past year or so, a certain sense of consternation has come over me (and I’ve written about it occasionally in this feature) in that I wondered if I’ve already become a grouchy old man well before my time.  Sure enough, I hit that point when Jon Miller went all Gangnam Style before the 9th inning of a Giants home game this past month.

It was all I could do to not say “in my day, we embarrassed ourselves to Lou Bega and we liked it!”  (Okay, we probably didn’t, but I found Mambo No. 5 to be quite a snappy little number.)  But picture the Jon Miller who called games on ESPN over the years and then picture him now calling Giants games full time.  Maybe the insanity of the fan base–and one does need to be moderately insane to be a Giants fan–has finally taken over for Miller?

As for the Utes version of this, I presume that kids will be kids.  In fact, I’ve made it a goal now to be one of those elderly folk who buy basketball season tickets and just grouse about the fundamentals of our backcourt.  My current girlfriend is thrilled about this, as one might be able to guess.

Which leads me to wonder: why can’t we be a national power at women’s volleyball?  Is it less bothersome to have middle aged dudes drool over tall college girls as opposed to short ones?  I need a ruling on this.

Quick thought on the UCLA game.  Wilson struggling somewhat, the defense overall being flat out bad at times, all that was troubling, but Eric Rowe playing so far out of position that he gave up what ended up being a Bruin touchdown got under my skin a little.  Giving up a score to a team like UCLA that has a lot of athleticism is one thing, but to do so on a play like that annoys me.

Of the three events I am about to describe, which is the most likely: the Warriors winning more than 35 games this season, the Runnin’ Utes winning more than 15 or the Raiders drafting Matt Barkley in the 2013 draft?  I have that bad feeling that McKenzie will draft Barkley and then I will have no choice but to say to all you haters: “meet the new Raiders, same as the old Raiders”.  Don’t do it, Reggie!

Well, after Chris Carpenter gets another postseason victory, the girlfriend and I will probably wind things down with a glass of warm milk and an episode of The Lawrence Welk Show.  Predictions to come.

MAC Thoughts

Just a few responses before we get to the games.

First, I actually saw Gangnam Style before most people did because of a fluke.  However, I assumed most people had seen it since I’m old and never discover anything anymore.  This was probably my last chance to lead a trend and I blew it.

The Volleyball thing reminds me of just how competitive the Pac-12 is.  A few years ago Utah was about to return a top 10 Volleyball team.  In fact two of the girls were asked to try out for the national team.  At the tryouts the coach of Washington St., told the girls they’d never be anything if they didn’t transfer from a podunk place like Utah and into the Pac-12.  They did.

I also recall UCLA cheating to win a women’s softball national title.

My point is, we need to step up our game, we’re in a conference where they tamper in volleyball and cheat to win at women’s softball.

As for your question.  Utah basketball wins 15 if only because Larry essentially scheduled enough wins in the OOC to almost get there.  But if the Raiders draft Barkley, it just makes me want to ask, what is Todd Marinovich doing these days.

Onto the games

Oregon v. Arizona State

Raider Thoughts

Everybody loves cliches, because it isn’t quite as strenuous on our precious little brains, but the phrase “trap game” comes to mind here for the Ducks.  Or could it be that I firmly believe that ASU is better than they are?  Granted, Ibase that opinion on how well the Sun Devils picked apart the Ute defense, but maybe an upset like Arizona had against them a few years ago where Dennis Dixon tore his ACL comes to mind here?

MAC Thoughts

There are some things that I’ve simply decided to have faith in.  This year it is the state of Oregon.  I think the Ducks are for rizzle (going all Snoop Dog, you know for the kids) and as you know I’m a Beaver Believer.  I suppose I’m going to grow some white guy dreadlocks, have an absurdly low speed limit and insist that you can’t pump your own gas now.  (If you’ve never been to Oregon you won’t get that)

Stanford v. Cal

Raider Thoughts

Stanford will win this game–at least I think they will–but let us look ahead a little here.  How do you feel about the Cal game next Saturday as it stands right now?  Does it still look like a winnable game or have we reached a new normal in this conference where there really aren’t any “gimme”s anymore?

Mac Thoughts

Here is the thing about Jeff Tedford.  Was the UCLA game a sign that he’s going to kick into life, or was it his final death spasm?  Because every year Cal is about to collapse and then they don’t.  And I don’t know what to do with that.  Stanford wins this game.  Next week might be winnable, but if Cal kinda kicked our ass too… Would you be shocked?

Colorado v. USC

Raider Thoughts

Couple of things here: First I have considered getting a throwback Cliff Branch jersey to troll CU fans when they come here the day after Thanksgiving of 2013 (Branch did play his college ball there, by the by), but let’s say that the Buffs beat SC.  Not to say that they will, but let’s just say that happens.  Would the Trojans look at Lane Kiffin, consider the fact that Matt Barkley came back for his senior year in what was thought to be for a chance at a national championship, and say to Lance* “look, we may have been a bit overrated this year, but we have some strange priorities and you’re going to be the fall guy.  Be sure to pick up your personal effects and your severance check in HR and don’t cash that check anywhere near campus.”

*–Al once called Kiffin “Lance” durinone of his rare press conference appearances late in his life, and I found it to be transcendently funny.  Maybe you had to be there?

Mac Thoughts

As throwback jerseys go, I have a John Elway one, but since I’ve had it since he was still playing, does it really count.  But the one I’ve decided I’m getting is a Lance Alworth jersey in the powder blue of the Chargers.  My dad was stationed in San Diego when he was in the Navy and they got free tickets to see the Chargers all the time.  My dad was a big Alworth fan.  Plus Lance Alworth had the nickname of Keep It In Your Pants, Lance because he enjoyed the company of 16, 17, 18 year old girls.  Now why this all amuses me I don’t know.

As for Kiffin, yeah a CU loss might do it, but doesn’t that whole deal have a, this won’t end well feeling about it?

Washington v. Arizona

Raider Thoughts

It‘s a shame in a sense that you won’t be in attendance for this game.  Because, since the day you shouted at former Wyoming DB John Wendling “Rock Springs Sucks” in the NEZ at Rice-Eccles several years ago, I’ve wondered what kind of derision can come from a former resident of the Spokane area.  Maybe “Bellevue smells like Sudafed” type of smack?  Anyway, here’s a theoretical exercise: if the Utes had Keith Price instead of the mish-mash of QBs that are on the roster now, would the offense be better, and if so, how much?

MAC Thoughts

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but I’m an Arizona season ticket holder as well.  So I’m trying to figure out how I can catch at least some of this game but not miss any of the Utes.  As for Spokane, I don’t really like the place.  But I must sort of explain something, in that Spokane is essentially ruled like a fifedom by people who went to Gonzaga Prep, attend college at GU and then return.  My wife is essentially part of that ruling class so her Spokane experience may differ.

As for the Utes, don’t forget that Washington’s backup Derrick Brown had committed to Utah then decommitted to go to Washngton.  Also ASU’s backup Michael Eubanks final two schools were ASU and Utah.  I think we’d be better with all three this season.

But I think Mr. Wilson showed some and maybe in the long run we’re better with him.

And I think Arizona wins.

Utah v. Oregon State

Raider Thoughts

My question here is not if the Beavers will win this game, but will they score less than 50?  Less than 60?  70 perhaps?  Also, as it stands right now, are they a national title cont—-er, wait, sorry, they’re not in the SEC.  I forgot that only SEC schools are allowed to win crystal football trophies.  Sorry, Internet, I’ll write that down for future reference.

Mac Thoughts

I don’t think the Beavers will hang half a hunnerd on us, mostly because they don’t run an offense like that and while our defense is sometimes awful, I think they can do enough to stop 50.  But these Beaver folks have gone Beaver Juice crazy.  BTW did you know with 76 wins, Mike Reilly is the winningest coach in OSU history?  Man, I bitch about Utah sometimes but imagine being an Oregon St. fan.