Mandi the Sorority Girl Picks the Pac-12


Mandi was 4-2 last week (yay) and moves to 17-27 (ugh) on the season.

As always Mandi will use the Consensus Line from Vegas Insider at the time of writing.

Editors Note:  As a rule the picture should be from the school of the team Mandi chose.  But do to the unwillingness of some schools to have enough hot girls, we are going to use random girls, generally from the SEC where girls know how to dress.

Finally, I feel so good for having made some good picks for you boys.  Tequila Shots all around… WOOOO…  Well before I get a little too drunk and make out with each and every one of you, lets get to this week.  We can make out after.

Oregon -8 at Arizona St.

Oregon has way too many cute outfits to lose to a skanky sluts at Arizona St.  I mean yeah girls we totally believe you need all the penicillin because you always have strep.  For any of you dating Arizona St. girls, read this article about drug resistant gonorrhea.

Colorado +40 1/2 at USC

The difference between USC and Arizona St., is that USC girls are 1. Generally smart enough not to get the drug resistant gonorrhea and 2. can totally afford the one anti-biotic that can still treat it.  That being said I don’t even think Buffaloes can get STIs.

Stanford -2 1/2 at Cal

Since Andrew is doing so well in the NFL and I know it’s only a matter of time till we’re together.  I need to get used to looking cute in Stanford clothes.  As for Cal clothes, do you think its that Cal has no cute girls or that no girl can look cute in Cal clothing?

Washington +7 1/2 at Arizona

If this game was in September, I’d totally go with Arizona.  The girls are cuter, their suntans are still totally excellent.  Arizona girls are like Arizona St. girls who are smart, not bitches and don’t have diseases.  But it’s October.  You want a latte, put on some sweats and eat.  And Washington girls do all of those really well.

Utah +10 1/2 at Oregon St

I hate to not pick a team who celebrates Halloween with their school colors in October.  But I was just told that a Ute is in fact a Indi… err Native American (I totally paid attention in history class).  And Native American’s used to skin beavers for their pelts.  I can’t go against history.