Utah Football: I Think I Get The Travis Wilson Move


I like a lot of people, thought that we might send Jon Hays into UCLA and Oregon St. and then make Mr. Wilson’s debut at home with a friendly crowd versus Cal.  But with some reflection, I think that we probably made the right move for a couple of reasons.

1. There was no chance Jon Hays was going to get us wins at either location.  We’re 12 games into the Hays era and he never threw for 200 yards.

2. If we’re going to get to a bowl, we need to win four of our final five.  If we’re going to try and do that, it’s probably best that Cal be Mr. Wilson’s third and not first game.

Jon Hays, without a great o-line allowing John White to run wild, was just doing nothing for us.  Now maybe Wilson doesn’t do much better, but as he showed at UCLA, he isn’t worse.  So if Wilson needs to get used to game speed, why not do it in a couple of games we quite likely weren’t going to win anyway.  That way, by the time we hit a must win, it isn’t a freshman seeing his first minutes.

I like what I saw from Travis, especially as the game slowed down for him later in the game.  I think they’ll be able to build on that going to Corvalis and he’ll have 2 games under his belt before we come home for must win games vs Cal and Wazzu.

At least I’ve talked myself into that.

It wouldn’t hurt if you came along defense.