The BESTEST Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Entire Universe: Week 8


Ezekiel 25-17: The Path of the righteous PowerPoll is beset upon by all sides by evil Power Polls…

1. Oregon (Last Week- 1) Oregon was off.  They’re still the best.  BTW, the BCS poll this week is an embarrassment to all polls.  One of the computers has Oregon 10th?  Seriously?  The game against Arizona St. will be interesting however.  Next game- at Arizona St.

2. Oregon St. (Last Week- 2) It seems the all In N Out diet Mike Reilly has his team on is really paying off, even with a backup QB they couldn’t be slowed by a pretty good BYU D. Next Week- vs Utah

3. USC (Last Week- 3) USC went into Washington and won, which is good.  But this team seems like it’s missing something that will stop it from being a national player.  Next Week- vs Colorado

4. Arizona St. (Last Week- 4) ASU started slow with Colorado before opening it up.  They get their chance this week to show just how far they’ve come.  Next Week- at Oregon

5.  (tie) Stanford (Last Week- 6) Stanford gets promoted after a loss here because Washington lost and Stanford simply got screwed.  Next Week- at Cal

5. (tie) Washington (Last Week- 5) Washington lost a game against a USC team that can be had.  Huskies still a year away.

7. (tie) Arizona (Last Week- 7) Arizona had the week off and now gets a Husky team coming off a loss from USC.  A win is important for this Arizona team who keeps coming up just short. Next Game- Vs Washington

7. (tie) Cal (Last Week- 7) Cal had a meh win against Wazzu.  Meh doesn’t get you moving up in the PowerPoll.  Now beat Stanford and we’re talking. Next Game- Vs Stanfrd

9. UCLA (Last Week- 9) Ok I’m guilty of being all over the place on this UCLA team but then again they’re all over the place.  They looked like they were dominating Utah but somehow the Utes hung around in that game and were a stop away from making it serious.  I moved UCLA back into my Fansided Top 25 but I don’t know how to move them up here.  Next Game- BYE

10.  UTAH (Last Week- 10) New week same story for Utah.  Not enough offense and some defensive question marks.  I think Travis Wilson gives some hope.  If they can do something against a very good Oregon St. game, well then we’ll know.  Next game- at Oregon St.

11. Colorado (Last Week- 11) They had a good half vs ASU and then fell apart.  Dan Hawkins left Jon Embry with a WAC team and he needs time as I think he has CU playing hard.  Tough to go to USC this week.  Next Game- At USC

12. Washington St. (Last Week-12) Wazzu and Colorado have the same problem, lack of talent.  Wazzu also seems to be putting up a fight.  Next Week- BYE