Utah Football: The Road To A Bowl


Thought I’d make a quick post about what it would take to get to a bowl game.

Our Remaining Schedule

At Oregon St.


Vs Wazzu

At Washington

Vs Arizona

At Colorado

I don’t like our chance to go into Oregon St. and get a win.  They’re undefeated, their crowd will be wild and even if we were all systems go, getting a win there would be tough.  So that leaves getting 4 wins in our final five games.

I think the best path and maybe the only path is to win out at home and win the game at Colorado.  Washington is looking solid at home and that might be a tough but not impossible task.  On the other hand Colorado is putting up a fight, at least for a half and with what we saw last year, we’ll need to bring it.

So what are your thoughts, can we get to a bowl game