Utah Football: How Do We Beat UCLA


Here we are and it’s game day.  So what’s it going to take to beat the Bruins….

1. We Gotta Have Some Offense- We aren’t beating UCLA with defense alone.  Last week vs USC was a start but we need more.  And more might include Mr. Travis Wilson.  Not only do we need to score points but our defense needs to stay off the field.

2.  No ASU efforts on defense.  ASU’s offense which is similar to UCLA, killed us in about a 1000 ways.  UCLA is probably better because of their running back, Franklin.  We have to show up and put limits on the UCLA offense.

3.  No special teams screw ups.  The last thing we need are missed field goals and blocked punts.  Coleman, we need you to make a FG or two.

4. NO PENALTIES-  I think we’d have actually had more offense vs USC if we hadn’t kept killing ourselves.  We’ve given away TOO MANY free yards all season long.  It has to stop for us to win today.

A win over the Bruins would make me feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER about our bowl chances.  We’ve got to get either this or next week in Corvalis and winning in Corvalis seems really hard.

So We’ll See and GO UTES.