Mandi The Sorority Girl Picks The Pac-12


Mandi was 2-3 last week (meh) and goes to 13-27 (horrid) on the season.

As always Mandi will use the Consensus Line from Vegas Insider at the time of writing.

Darn, one more week where I was just short of getting it done for you guys.  It’s that darn Oregon team, they’re so cute no one thinks the other team has a chance so the other team gets a bunch of point.  Picking Oregon games is hard and sometimes makes Mandi sad.

You guys know I love you right?  I would totally make out with each one of you to prove it.

Now lets do some pickys.

Colorado +22.5 vs Arizona St.

Earlier in the season it looked like those darned Buffaloes were all going to give up hope and just sit around and smoke pot with all the hippies in Boulder till someone ran them off of a cliff.  But they’re coming back.  And those dirty midnight pumps at Arizona St. better watch out.

Washington +12 vs USC

Ok so those rich sluts did better last week and their QB looked a little bit like my Andrew if Andrew were a total douche and put highlights in his hair.  Washington continues to give me mixed emotions.  I hate the purple so much, but it’s October and sometimes you just want to curl up with a Husky and a tall half-caf sugar free half hazelnut half irish cream latte with extra foam.

Utah +8 at UCLA

Ok so what am I supposed to do with each of these teams.  Utah falls all over themselves losing to those money sluts while UCLA loses to their ugly sisters.  Still don’t know how a Ute is in fact an ugly chicken, but I don’t trust anyone who loses to their ugly sisters.

Notre Dame -8 vs Stanford

Look I know it’s Andrew’s school and all, but you simply have no idea how good I looking in a slutty Catholic School Girl outfit.  And Halloween is coming up fast.

Oregon St. +6 at BYU

Ok I could go on and on about Halloween or something, but have you seen this t-shirt.  I think BYU ends this game with Beaver Juice all over their face.  And totally not in a really hot night with Mandi kind of way.

Cal -7.5 at Washington St.

I have no idea what to do hear, ugly smart girls who suddenly decided they wanted to win a game or inland northwest fat girls who have no idea what they’re doing.  I’ll try to go with ugly smart girls but I don’t feel good about it.