Utah Football: On To UCLA


I’m not honestly sure what to make of the game coming this week.  A week ago, I might have defended the idea that UCLA could win the south.  Then they go and get bum-rushed (is that still a thing) against Cal.

A week ago, I was worried that Utah might only end up with four wins.  A worry that I still have a little bit of but feel better that we’ll at least get to five.

So Utah heads to UCLA and like I said on Monday, this game is still all about questions.  Was the UCLA loss a sign of things to come or just that one game that Tedford always pulls out of his ass that keeps him employed?  Is Jim Mora’s act old already or will it go on and on and on?

What Utah team will we see this week?  The team that grew versus USC maybe with some more offense or a return to the Arizona St. game.  Arizona St. and UCLA have similar QB’s and offenses.

In hopes to find some answers before Saturday, I’m going to join forces with the emotionally fragile guys at GoJoeBruin to see how they’re thinking and to see how we’re thinking.  I hope it is useful but Ute fans need to prepare themselves for a bunch of Shabazz Muhammad references.

We’ll Be back soon.