Utah Basketball: The Preview Part One. The Guys who are coming back.


Since Utah Basketball practice begins Friday, it’s time to start the week long preview of what we have to look forward too.

Utah Basketball has been a lot of things over the last decade.  One word that has been rarely used with it is, consistent.  And this year just might define that.  Utah had dumped something like 153 players over the last two seasons.  So I thought a good place to start was, who are guys who have actually played in a Utah Basketball uniform.  So here we go.

Jason Washburn- 11.4 PPG 6.2 RPG

I think the best way to describe Jason is, you go to the store and buy all the ingredients for a great meal, you cook the meal precisely but somehow it just doesn’t taste quite right.  Jason has always seemed to have all the parts of being a player but it never actually comes together.  Jason was improved last season and who knows what he could have been with some talent around him.  Sometimes it just takes a long time for big guys to get into their bodies.  Hopefully this is the year for Jason.

Cedric Martin- 7.4 PPG 3.23 RPG

I don’t honestly know what to say about Cedric, other than he was kind of fat and I’m not sure why we kept him over the guy who left who was like him but I can’t remember his name.  Of course I can’t make a good argument for that guy either.  I’m not really sure why Cedric would get on the floor this year.  But we needed a body and he seems as good as any.

And there you have it folks, the returning players for the 2012-13 edition of the Runnin’ Utes.  Tomorrow we’ll look at the transfers.