Utah Football: Monday Thoughts…


The Kyle Whittingham presser (that’s press conference for you kids at home, presser is a term we experienced bloggers like to use) is happening as I type this so I thought I’d write down a few things and react to them.

– Kyle said Brian Johnson called a very good game and the offense looked closer to what he envisioned.  I have to agree and I think it will just keep getting better.  The BJ hire is going to be a BIG WIN for Kyle.

– We have no margin for error.  And he is so right.  I don’t know what all these odd penalty issues are, including a couple of personal fouls a game, but they gotta stop.

– Travis Wilson has a chance to increase his load.  I have to believe we’re going to see much more of Mr. Wilson, whether it be in a two QB system or making him the starter for say Cal.  There are good arguments on both sides of this and no clear decision.

– UCLA is very good.  Their offense is closer to Arizona St.  All of this is very true.  Plus unless they’ve quit on Jim Mora, they’re going to be hella-pissed and we don’t need hella-pissed teams at this point.  So Crap.

These next two weeks make for very interesting times for Utah football.  Two very tough games, but if you want to make a bowl game you’d think Utah would need a split here.  It would be tough needing to go 4-1 down the stretch.  Can the O-Line build on this game?  Can we stop the penalties?  Can we get our defense off the field?

So many questions, guess that is the theme for this season.