THE BESTEST Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Entire Universe: Week 7


So that this power poll of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from this internet…

1.  Oregon (Last Week- 1) Wouldn’t it simply be a huge shock at this point if Oregon loses a game.  It looks like they have a defense to go with that offense.  No wonder Nick Saban has started whining.  Next Week- BYE

2.  Oregon St. (Last Week- 2) Hey look at that a #2 finally held position for a week.  It wasn’t pretty but then neither are the Beavers, they just keep doin’ work.  Next Game- At BYU

3. USC (Last Week- 4) The Trojans bounced back nicely both from the Stanford game and a very bad start in Salt Lake City.  Matt Barkley and those receivers looked like the NFL products they are. I just don’t think they’ll have enough to beat the Ducks. Next Game- At Washington

4. Arizona St. (Last Week- 5)  They didn’t play, UCLA loses, they move up.  Should  win again in Boulder. Next Game- At Colorado

5.  Washington (Last Week- 6) Ok so they got wacked by Oregon, who isn’t going to get wacked by Oregon. Next Game- vs USC

6. Stanford (Last Week- 7) What a barn burner against Arizona.  Stanford seems to be a bit all over the place this year.  Still not sure what to make of them.  Next Week- at Notre Dame

7. (tie) Arizona (Last Week- 7) Wow you have to feel for this Arizona team.  0-3 in the Pac-12 and two plays away from being 2-1.  From where they were last year, it’s almost a coach of the year type job in Tucson.  Next Week- BYE

7. (tie) Cal (Last Week- 9) I moved Cal into a tie for a reward for the UCLA win but I’m still not convinced about this team at all.  Next Week- at Washington St.

9. UCLA (Last Week- 4) I don’t really know what to make of this UCLA team either.  Maybe Nebraska sucks and we all thought more of them than we should.  Getting worked by Cal troubles me.  Next Week- vs Utah

10. Utah (Last Week- 10)  Total mixed feelings about the Utes.  They looked a lot better but still have so far to go.  I am personally ready for a QB change but I have no idea what the thinking of the Utah staff is.  And going to UCLA might be a bad place to do it.  Next Week- at UCLA

11. Colorado (Last Week- 11) The Buffs got a week off, which they may not have wanted considering their improved play.  A good showing vs ASU might say something.  Next Week- vs Arizona St.

12. Washington St. (Last Week- 12) It looks like they didn’t stink the place up vs Oregon St.  A good showing against Cal might say something as well.  Then again it might just say Cal is very Cal like.  Next Week- vs Cal