Pac-12 Football: So What Happened and Where Are We…


We just completed week six of the Pac-12 season and it seems things are shaking out, and by shaking out I mean not at all.

Things that we know.

1. Oregon is really good and they remain pretty consistent.

2. It looks like teams two through nine can beat each other any week.

3. Until they beat someone the bottom three ware Colorado, Utah and Washington St.

USC bounced back from a loss and a bad start to beat my beloved Utes.  Utah has no offense and really has some choices to make.  Are we going to just take this season in the shorts or are we going to put the freshman Travis Wilson on the field.  The one thing the Utes know, Jon Hays cannot get it done.  Oh yeah, USC is probably really good still blah blah blah.

Oh Arizona.  The Wildcats are something really thin away from being 5-1.  Instead they have 3 Pac-12 losses.  Rich Rod has done a WHOLE BUNCH right in his return to coaching, as this team is overachieving.  But these losses have to sting.

I was already to bathe in the Beaver Juice and then they only score 19 on Wazzu.  Something about this very good Oregon St. team worries me but I can’t put my finger on it.

I don’t even know who you are UCLA.  I was ready to kill Jeff Tedford.  Instead, UCLA is going to be all pissed off with Utah coming to town and then maybe Cal has found themselves too.  The Utes don’t get a break.  At least I get to make fun of Go Joe Bruin.

And Oregon just keeps doin what they do baby.  Have to figure their headed to the national title game.

I’ll have my Pac-12 Power Rankings tomorrow as well as some more thoughts about the Utes.