Offensive Football in Utah, What the Hell has happened…


Utah was once a state where in football we said, Defense, we don’t need no stinking defense.  BYU made their name running up the score on bad teams (HAHA).  Utah didn’t even bother to play defense when Jim Fassel was coach, we simply had a touchdown put up for the other team and then went back on offense.  And while defense brought us back from the brink, it was Urban Meyer’s spread offense that took us to the promise land

Even Weber St.’s greatest years were because Mike Price, an offensive guy was there.

So what is going on now must be killing some people.

Utah has a QB who has played 12 games and hasn’t thrown for 200 yards.

BYU has two games where they scored 6 total points.

Utah St. and their supposed All-American QB, lost to BYU, when BYU only scored six points.

It must be an odd set of circumstances that has brought offensive football in an entire state to its knees.  Utah doesn’t have an offensive line and has a QB who was going to do great things at Nebraska-Omaha.  BYU it seems keeps going to new QB’s all of who are certain future Heisman winners.  And Utah St. I’m just pissed at for crapping the bed in Provo.

So join us, those of you from other states, and watch the state of Utah take offensive football back 50 years or so.  At least until BYU enters the WAC portion of their schedule, beats Idaho by 50 and then tells me they’ll be national champions.

As for the Utes, I’m going to stop expecting offense for two reasons…

1. We play in the Pac-12 and it isn’t going to happen, not till Wazzu and CU and

2. I want to have joy in my life again, so should offense occur, I’ll be able to smile.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend.