Utah v USC: This Pac-12 Thing Is Hard


I decided to let my thoughts come together a bit before posting a write-up of last night’s game, because it was complicated.  So here is a list of what I think conveys everything that I’d take away from that game.

1.  Hats off to USC.  I think people were forgetting their backs were against the wall.  They came out with a couple of giant mistakes and could have folded.  Matt Barkley showed why he’ll be a top three pick and they have two NFL talented receivers, not to mention Silas Redd.  USC had to have this won and fought back to get it.

Now on to all things Ute.

1.  Brian Johnson will be a great offensive coordinator.  To come back from the desert and call that game. brilliant.  There will still be growing pains but this move pays off for us BIG TIME.

2.  Jon Hays, bless his heart, just doesn’t have the tools to get it done.  He’s all that he can be but we need another playmaker on the field and it has to be at QB.  My guess is Travis Wilson starts the Cal game.

3.  To the Offensive Line coaches and players.  Best performance of the year.  You’re not great, you’re young and a bit outmanned but you fought.

4.  Our Secondary has issues.  But when your offense can’t stay on the field, and there is serious NFL talent at both QB and WR, I don’t know how much to bitch here.

5. PENALTIES.  Dear Jesus these penalties have to friggin stop.  And I’m seriously praying here.  Anything good we did on offense was killed by this.

6.  Kyle gets what we need to do.  He pulled Reshawn Hooker’s redshirt to get us more athletic.  Hooker responded with six tackles.  We will get there.

To conclude this ramble of thoughts, I’m proud that we aren’t the team who dropped a double deuce in our own bed in the desert.  I’m sobered that we aren’t USC and probably aren’t UCLA or Oregon St. either.  This Pac-12 thing is hard.