Utah Football- For Utah To Win…


If the Utes are to beat USC and stop what could be a very bad slide, it’s going to have to look something like this.

1.  Utah has to get to Matt Barkley.  We have to him him and we have to make him look average like he did against Stanford.

2. We need to create turnovers, maybe a defensive score.

3. Utah’s defense needs to give their offense short fields, so that drives can at least result in field goals.

4. We have to make those field goals.

5. No offensive mistakes, we have to at least punt every time.  If we turn the ball over we’re dead.

6. We have to cobble together some semblance of a running game.

7.  Finally our offense has to come up with a couple of big plays.

It’s hard to believe in you chances for a win, when the list to make it happen gets as long as the one above did for the Utes.  The troubling thing is that the suddenly vulnerable Trojans are maybe the easiest game of the next three.  If we get blown out here, what are our chances on the road over the next couple of weeks.

Tonight has become a monster game.  And if it doesn’t go well, we don’t have basketball season to get excited about.